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Assistance With State Bar Reinstatement

California lawyers who have been disbarred or resigned with charges pending may apply for reinstatement. After putting past misconduct behind you, reinstatement proceedings can be initiated to regain admission to the California State Bar.

In order to gain a favorable reinstatement recommendation, you must file a Petition for Reinstatement that shows that you have completed rehabilitation, that you meet the moral qualifications for reinstatement, and that you present ability and learning of the general law in a personal statement.

If you have questions regarding the best way to demonstrate to the state bar that you are ready to accept the responsibility of being reinstated, Century Law Group, LLP, can help. With more than 50 years of combined experience in state bar discipline, attorneys Edward O. Lear and Paul Virgo understand the requirements for reinstatement and how to present your rehabilitation and your commitment to maintaining a healthy and responsible reputation.

Preparing A Petition On Your Behalf

While the decision for reinstatement will ultimately be made on an individual attorney’s candor, acceptance of responsibility and evidence of rehabilitation, an experienced and skilled lawyer can provide helpful advice and representation. The earlier that Century Law Group, LLP, is brought into the process, the better chance you have at being successful.

We can help you prepare a petition and counsel you on how to be perceived in the best light by the court. We often advise our clients to participate in additional rehabilitative activities, including community activities and volunteer hours. Our firm can put you in the best position for success.

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If you need experienced advice and representation concerning your reinstatement to the California State Bar, contact us at Century Law Group, LLP. While the state bar expects all members to maintain a high standard of ethical behavior, individuals who have put their past mistakes behind them deserve a second chance. Call our Los Angeles, San Diego or Northern California offices at 310-693-6097.