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Misappropriation Of Client Funds

Attorneys entrusted with client funds may not use those funds for any purpose not expressly authorized by the client. Misappropriation of client funds can occur by accident, due to inadvertent commingling of funds or poor accounting practices, or on purpose, when an attorney knowingly takes money from a client’s account and uses it for his or her personal use.

If you have been accused of misappropriation of client funds, you face the possibility of harsh sanctions by the California State Bar, up to and including disbarment. The attorneys at Century Law Group, LLP, can provide you with the strong state bar defense representation you need for this critical legal matter.

Defending Against Civil Lawsuits

Misappropriation of funds is not only grounds for state bar disciplinary proceedings, but may give rise to civil lawsuits as well. It is important to act quickly to defend yourself against these allegations, and to limit the damage to your career, your reputation and your finances.

While some attorneys choose to represent themselves in these matters, that can be a grave mistake. Hiring an attorney with focused experience in state bar defense cases can mean the difference between a successful outcome and a legal nightmare. Our lawyers have successfully handled numerous state bar defense cases, including those involving claims of misappropriation of client funds.

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