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Legal Fee-Splitting Disputes In California

Fee-splitting arrangements are established when one attorney refers a case to another, or when two attorneys collaborate in providing legal services to a client. Disputes can arise between attorneys who have entered into fee-splitting agreements, and between client and attorney, if the client feels the arrangement has resulted in excessive legal fees.

If you are engaged in a fee-splitting dispute in California, the attorneys at Century Law Group, LLP, are here to provide you with experienced guidance and skilled advocacy. Our Los Angeles attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience handling fee disputes and legal ethics matters for clients throughout California.

Understanding The Rules In California

Under the California Rules of Professional Conduct, an attorney may not split fees with another attorney who is not a partner, associate or firm shareholder unless:

  • The client has consented in writing to the fee-splitting arrangement.
  • The total fee charged by all lawyers is not increased solely because of the fee-splitting arrangement and is not “unconscionable.”

Unconscionability is determined by a number of factors, including the nature of the services, the experience of the attorney and the difficulty of the case.

Fee-splitting disputes can be avoided when sound contracts are established from the outset and every party involved has agreed to the terms. If you are entering into a fee-splitting arrangement and are unsure of your obligations, our lawyers can provide you with the guidance you need.

If you are engaged in a fee-splitting dispute, our skilled attorneys can help you explore your legal options, including legal fee dispute arbitration. We are committed to helping you find the most favorable, cost-effective resolution to this matter.

Defending Against Illegal Fee-Splitting Claims Throughout California

If you are engaged in a dispute over fee splitting, or facing allegations of illegal fee splitting, whether you are a client or a fellow attorney, contact us at Century Law Group, LLP, and let us help you explore your dispute resolution options. Call us toll free at 310-693-6097. We represent clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California and statewide.