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Representing Lawyers Accused Of Misleading Advertising And Solicitation

As an attorney, you rely on advertising to inform potential clients about the availability of your legal services. Unfortunately, navigating the California State Bar advertising rules can make this a very confusing process. A misstep could prove costly, exposing you to fines and other disciplinary actions.

The attorneys at Century Law Group, LLP, are well-versed in California State Bar advertising rules and can help you navigate this treacherous legal terrain. We are experienced trial advocates for attorneys in Los Angeles, throughout Orange County and across California. Speak with one of our lawyers for misleading advertising and solicitation concerns.

Violations Of Legal Advertising Rules

Lawyers were not permitted to advertise until 1977, and since then, have had to adhere to some of the strictest advertising regulations of any industry in the United States. Under California State Bar advertising rules, attorney advertising, or communication:

  • May not include untrue or deceptive statements
  • May not guarantee results
  • May not compare one attorney to another, unless the comparison can be factually substantiated
  • Must expressly indicate that it is a communication or solicitation
  • May not imply a relationship between any member of the firm and a public agency
  • May not claim an attorney is a “specialist” in any area of law, unless the attorney has been accredited by the Board of Legal Specialization

This is not a comprehensive list of California attorney advertising rules. If you have questions about marketing your law practice, consult with an experienced ethics lawyer before making any decisions that could prove costly in the future.

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