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The California State Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners requires all its members to be of fit moral character. The Committee considers evidence of candor and honesty, respect for the law and rights of others, fiscal responsibility, and records of fidelity and trustworthiness in other professions as evidence of moral character.

At Century Law Group, LLP, we assist lawyers in preparing for this examination and answer questions regarding the California State Bar admissions proceeding.

Attorney Edward O. Lear has years of experience in issues of legal ethics and the state bar and can provide skilled opinions on ethical issues that may affect your bar admission.

Completing The Questionnaire

When applying for the state bar, applicants must complete a lengthy questionnaire that will attempt to determine their moral character and their ability to serve as an attorney in the state of California. After completing your questionnaire, the Committee of Bar Examiners will examine your answers and information to determine your moral fitness.

The determination of your moral character will include analyzing your past criminal history, previous disciplinary problems at your undergraduate institution or law school, material omissions or misrepresentations from your application, license revocations and more.

Committee Of Bar Examiners Conference

If a serious question about your moral character arises, a voluntary informal conference may be scheduled to assuage the Committee’s concerns. Thorough preparation for this conference is necessary to show the Committee that you have rehabilitated and that the misconduct in your past has been left there. This is also true for reinstatement proceedings.

Finally, if you receive an adverse moral character determination from the Committee, your admission into the state bar is not a lost cause. You may appeal the Committee’s findings and file an application for a moral character proceeding and hearing within 60 days of the notice of adverse moral character determination. After the decision of the hearing judge, an appeal may be taken to the Review Department by the applicant or the state bar, and if necessary, to the California Supreme Court.

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