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Following a legal ethics complaint filed by a former client, a judge or another lawyer, the State Bar of California may choose to further investigate the matter by opening a case against the attorney in question.

While most complaints are found to be without merit, if you have received a notice of disciplinary charges, the assistance of counsel experienced in the nuances of state bar defense can be invaluable to protect your rights and professional reputation. In many cases, drafting an appropriate response that addresses the complaint succinctly may be all that is necessary to prevent further investigation.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the attorneys of Century Law Group, LLP, understand the complexities of state bar investigations and disciplinary proceedings, as well as the delicacy with which these matters must be handled.

Attorney Edward O. Lear is a former state bar prosecutor with an exceptional record of trial victories. He has tried more than 150 cases and is a qualified expert witness.

Our experience includes claims involving:

Should the investigation proceed, we will provide informed counsel and representation throughout disciplinary proceedings. If applicable, we may explore options such as the Alternative Discipline Program, which will protect a lawyer’s active status with the state bar in exchange for obtaining professional help for alcohol abuse or mental health issues.

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While each lawyer is technically capable of defending his or her rights before the California State Bar, having skilled counsel with extensive experience in state bar defense can mean the difference between acquittal and reproval, suspension or disbarment.

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