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Accused Of Partnership With A Non-Lawyer?

According to the State Bar of California Rules of Professional Conduct, a member shall not form a partnership with a person who is not a lawyer if any of the activities of that partnership consist of the practice of law.

The rule states that “it is not intended to govern members’ activities which cannot be considered to constitute the practice of law. It is intended solely to preclude a member from being involved in the practice of law with a person who is not a lawyer.”

If you face disciplinary actions for being in a partnership with a non-lawyer, there are defense strategies to explore. For instance, there may be confusion as to what constitutes the practice of law. It is important to take action quickly. These allegations could expose you to harsh disciplinary measures from the State Bar of California.

At Century Law Group, LLP, our attorneys can advise you on your rights and obligations in regard to legal ethics and practice management, including issues involving partnership with a non-lawyer. If you are facing state bar disciplinary actions for this or any reason, we can defend your rights and your license to practice law in California.

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