When Your Career Is On The Line, Our Lawyers Are Ready To Help

Experienced State Bar Representation For California Attorneys

The Century Law Group, LLP, represents attorneys in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California and statewide during all phases of the disciplinary process, including a broad range of disciplinary actions, and represents prospective lawyers in admissions and reinstatement proceedings.

Century Law Group, LLP, also serves as a resource for other attorneys who need consultations regarding ethical issues that arise in their everyday practices.

Our firm includes attorney Edward O. Lear, a Dartmouth College graduate and former state bar prosecutor who has tried more than 150 cases over the years.

Skillful State Bar Representation You Need When Your Career Is On The Line

Our experienced lawyers provide clients with advice, counsel and defense in many areas, including:

Admission to the California State Bar:

  • Moral character questionnaires
  • Bar examiners conferences
  • Appeals of adverse decisions

State bar consultation:

  • Compliance counseling
  • Ex parte contracts
  • Communicating with judges
  • Attorney liens
  • Withdrawal from representation

California State Bar defense.

  • Client counterclaims for attorney malpractice
  • Adequacy of an attorney’s investigation
  • Statute of limitations, waiver of claim, or deadline problems
  • Conflicts of interest/attorney disqualification issues
  • Sanctions motions under Rule 11
  • Last-minute trial representation
  • Lawyers issues with drug and alcohol abuse
  • Advertising and solicitation
  • Failure to perform
  • Legal ethics and practice management
  • Fee disputes
  • Alternative discipline program
  • Client trust account violations
  • Commingling of funds
  • Criminal conviction referral
  • Moral turpitude
  • Partnership with a non-lawyer
  • Unauthorized practice of law

Reinstatement to the state bar:

  • Moral qualifications
  • Petitions for reinstatement

We Have The Experience And Knowledge To Make A Difference

Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in state bar discipline cases. While many lawyers feel that they do not need to hire an attorney for discipline proceedings and ethical issues in their practice, they can severely limit their options and make themselves more vulnerable to professional discipline by representing themselves.

For dedicated service and reasonable fees when you are facing difficult challenges in state bar discipline, contact us at Century Law Group, LLP. Let us provide you representation in legal ethics, state bar defense and expert witness testimony. Call us at 310-693-6097.