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State Bar Consultation For Your License Defense Case In California

A lawyer’s regular consultations with an experienced state bar defense attorney can anticipate and remedy multiple representation and disqualification problems before they start.

For prompt, thorough answers to questions about ex parte contacts, communications with witnesses or unrepresented parties, or contact with judges or court personnel, come to Century Law Group, LLP.

Our state bar defense law firm’s decades of experience — and track record of success for attorney clients throughout the state — is proof that we can skillfully assist with concerns such as attorneys’ liens, return of files, and withdrawal from representation when necessary, as well as partnership, employment or contractual relations with lawyers under practice restrictions.

Attorney Edward O. Lear is a former state bar prosecutor with an exceptional record of trial victories. He has tried more than 150 cases and is a qualified expert witness.

Facing A State Bar Discipline Investigation? Call Century Law Group, LLP.

Look to Century Law Group, LLP, for proactive compliance counseling that benefits fellow attorneys who face possible disbarment — from voluntary settlement conferences within a month of trial, to early neutral evaluation conferences, to accusations of client abandonment. We provide useful state bar consultation and nuanced representation of lawyers in California’s state bar court system.

Your initial consultation can be arranged right now — by phone at 310-693-6097 or by email message. We maintain offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and Northern California.