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Fee Disputes

Across the state of California, Century Law Group, LLP, provides representation and advice in legal fee disputes between clients and attorneys, as well as fee disputes between fellow lawyers. We will work to resolve your legal fee dispute in a quick and efficient manner that ensures that your rights are protected. We also provide expert witness testimony in fee dispute cases.

Attorney Edward O. Lear has extensive experience representing clients in matters of legal ethics and state bar defense. Our qualifications and background in legal fee disputes mean that we understand how to present your case in a way that makes sense, and will increase your chances of getting the resolution that you deserve.

Legal Fee Dispute Arbitration

If you have a legal fee dispute with your attorney, you have the right to have an arbitrator hear your case. This arbitrator is a neutral party who will make a determination about the fees and costs charged by your attorney and whether they are reasonable for the services provided. Legal fee dispute arbitration is an informal, low-cost alternative to taking your dispute through the court system.

Impartial Review For Legal Fee Agreements

In order to avoid legal fee disputes, it is important to write retainer and fee agreements properly. At Century Law Group, LLP, we can review your fee agreements and analyze whether they comply with California state laws. Our firm offers cost-effective solutions for attorneys who wish to avoid difficult and time-consuming fee disputes with their clients or with other attorneys.

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If you have a legal fee dispute with a lawyer, whether you are a client or a fellow attorney, contact us at Century Law Group, LLP, and let us provide you with experienced and responsible state bar defense. We can represent you in legal fee dispute arbitration or provide expert witness testimony for your case. Call us at 310-693-6097.