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Experienced Handling Of Lawyers’ Issues With Drug And Alcohol Abuse

If you are a California attorney whose license and practice are in jeopardy due to a previous client’s allegations of substance abuse, you need effective state bar defense representation — and you need it now.

At Century Law Group, LLP, we use our decades of combined trial experience, deep legal knowledge, attentive service and reputation for results to protect your rights.

We safeguard your interests against unfounded allegations of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as advise on important remedies such as the state’s Lawyer Assistance Program and Alternative Discipline Program in the state bar court.

For three years, attorney Edward O. Lear worked as a state bar prosecutor — never losing a single trial. Now, he defends fellow lawyers before the state bar. He also serves as an expert witness in state and federal courts.

Experienced State Bar Representation Across California

Whether you need skilled assistance with state bar defense, or help with addiction that could aid in protection of your license, career and future, contact Century Law Group, LLP. We serve lawyer clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California and statewide.

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