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California Lawyers For Criminal Conviction Referrals

A conviction referral is a formal disciplinary proceeding initiated by the State Bar of California to determine whether or not a criminal conviction warrants suspension, disbarment or other disciplinary actions.

If you are facing a criminal conviction referral in California, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in state bar defense matters. At Century Law Group, LLP, our attorneys can represent you in all phases of state bar disciplinary proceedings. We will seek to diminish the damage this criminal conviction inflicts on your career and reputation.

Understanding Criminal Conviction Referrals

A criminal conviction can hold you back from obtaining a license to practice law. If you are already a licensed attorney, a criminal conviction can expose you to disciplinary actions such as license suspension or revocation. The level of discipline depends upon a number of factors, including the nature of the criminal act.

The referral determines whether the crime involves moral turpitude or another factor that warrants disciplinary actions. It also determines the level of discipline. Our attorneys can represent you in all aspects of your state bar defense case, including criminal conviction referral. We are determined to help you obtain and maintain your license to practice law in California.

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