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Alternative Discipline

In the state of California, the Alternative Discipline Program (ADP) assists attorneys who are coping with substance abuse or mental health problems. Often, these problems can cause formal disciplinary proceedings to be initiated in the State Bar Court, which could result in reproval, suspension or disbarment. The Alternative Discipline Program provides support and structure to help lawyers recover from these problems while maintaining their active status with the state bar.

ADP is a comprehensive program in California and in other states that helps with the identification, evaluation and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse or mental health issues. In order to qualify for the ADP, attorneys must first take part in the Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP). At Century Law Group, LLP, we can provide helpful information on LAP and ADP in California, help you to qualify for the Alternative Discipline Program and assist you in lowering your level of discipline.

The Lawyer Assistance Program

The Lawyer Assistance Program offers individual counseling, referral assistance, rehabilitation consultations and peer support groups to attorneys who are dealing with difficult issues. These programs are all confidential and provide both short-term and long-term support. Contact the Lawyer Assistant Program at 877-LAP-4HELP (527-4435) to speak with someone and to get the support and guidance that you need to help recover.

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