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Skilled Guidance For Every Phase Of The State Bar Defense Legal Process

When an attorney faces a formidable threat to his or her legal license from investigations and accusations filed with the state bar, factors such as statutes of limitation, waiver of claim and deadline issues for the case loom large.

Century Law Group, LLP, takes charge of embattled lawyer clients’ cases immediately — monitoring deadlines that must be adhered to, waivers of claims and statutes of limitations that govern effectiveness, and generally protecting your rights throughout the process.

No law firm in California represents more licensed professionals against their accusers, and state boards, than Century Law Group, LLP. Our state bar defense practice is no exception. We have every aspect, every detail, of your case covered, start to finish. We even offer last-minute trial representation when time gets away from you. And our track record of success with attorney clients in California statewide is proof of our abilities.

Reach Out To The Law Firm You Need When Your Career Is On The Line

Are you dealing with a waiver of attorney-client privilege as you sort out legal struggles? Are you unclear on statutes of limitations that apply to certain charges, in the event of conviction? You need to contact Century Law Group, LLP, right away. For an initial consultation, call us toll free at 310-693-6097 or reach us by email message. We represent clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California and throughout the state.