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Protecting Attorney Rights Against Conflicts Of Interest And Disqualification Issues

At Century Law Group, LLP, our experienced state bar defense law firm provides advice and counseling for lawyers who have questions about ethical issues involved in their legal practices.

Attorneys Edward O. Lear and Paul Virgo have spent more than 50 years providing counsel and representation for clients in the areas of state bar discipline, and professional responsibility and conduct.

Our firm has a thorough understanding of legal ethics, legal malpractice and the California State Bar, and can assess and evaluate any potential conflicts of interest. Anticipating these problems, and knowing the impact that they may have on your legal practice and your standing with the bar, are of utmost importance.

Filing Motions Of Disqualification

In some cases, it is easy to recognize a conflict of interest with a potential or current client. In other cases, attorneys may run across issues in their practice that they may be unsure about, and may or may not be an actual conflict of interest.

A lawyer may be disqualified from representing a client if they have a relationship with their client in a matter that is non-related to their current case. In civil court, filing a motion of disqualification can protect you when you anticipate a conflict of interest. Century Law Group, LLP, will analyze your situation and can draft a declaration on your behalf that will either support the granting or denial of the disqualification.

We can also help you set up an ethical screen in your legal practice to identify and avoid potential problems with clients.

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For any question regarding potential conflicts of interest in your legal practice, or how to disqualify yourself from representing a client, contact Century Law Group, LLP. Experienced guidance can ensure that you avoid any problems and maintain your ethical standards. Call toll free to 310-693-6097 or reach us by email message.